Softubs - Atlantic Hot Tubs


Softubs are made for carefree relaxation and offer a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life. They soothe the body, help the mind to unwind, and offer a sanctuary from the busy day.
With a Softub, you add more luxury and enjoyment to your precious leisure time – time which will rejuvenate and re-energise you for the challenges ahead. Spoil your body with a healing and invigorating massage that can be adapted to your specific needs thanks to systematically arranged jets and a range of different settings and programs. Atmospheric underwater LED lighting will also help you to unwind, turning your spa into a pool of beautiful colours. When the experience of massage, light and colour is combined with the sweet aromas of fine fragrances your Softub will truly offer an oasis of relaxation for all the senses. With a Softub, you can enjoy relaxing in style – anytime, anywhere you choose.

8 Reasons To Choose A Softub


Light, easy to manoeuver and easy to install: with a Softub, the most portable hot tub in the world, your choice of locations and possibilities is endless.


Softubs are the market leader in heat recovery technology, combining pump, motor and heating into one ‘Hydromate’ unit. The excess heat from the motor is recovered to heat the filtered water, reducing energy consumption to a minimum.


Enjoy your Softub in peace and quiet! Thanks to their advanced Whisper technology, Softubs are amongst the quietest hot tubs on the market.


Come rain or shine, heat wave or big freeze a Softub’s robust Leathertex outer-casing will withstand the severest weather conditions without being affected. Softubs are built to last.


The automatic Softub Ozonator function provides an intensive water cleaning program. As a result, every dip is in crystal clear, high-quality water.


For ultimate flexibility, the Softub’s basin shape is designed to allow free and unhindered movement within the pool, enabling you to change your sitting or lounging position, to stretch out or cosy up, whatever mood takes you.


Nothing can compare to a Softub’s comfort and convenience. The soft but stable Polybond material provides comfort in all positions – making the pool as comfortable as a leather sofa.


With its leather look, understated slimline design, modern and elegant exterior colours and practical, stylish accessories, Softub combines high quality, style and beautiful design.


Softubs are portable, comfortable and environmentallyfriendly. Whether inside or outdoors, a Softub can transform your favourite spot into an oasis of relaxation!
Softubs are designed with leisure and luxury in mind and allow for flexibility, individuality and superior performance thanks to their weather resistance, thermal insulation and lightweight materials.
The outer casings are made from ‘Leathertex’ – a material which gives an elegant leather look to our hot tubs whilst being durable and designed to withstand the elements.
The inner basins are made from Polybond – a highly insulating foam material which offers both first-rate structural stability and excellent comfort levels for all sitting and lounging positions.
Thanks to its innovative design a Softub can offer a haven of relaxation in any location you choose.