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What makes Atlantic Hot Tubs The Best On Irish Market?

Here are just some of the great features of Atlantic Hot Tubs.
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Quality Build & Design

Here at Atlantic Hot Tubs we take pride in the quality of our spa’s from the controls we use down to the pipework materials. We use the latest technology on all of the spa’s build and design work to create cutting edge products and customer friendly prices.

All Atlantic Hot Tubs come with wood composite side panels, perfect for all weather conditions; indoors and ourdoors! Side panels on our spas are easily changable incase of damages caused by the end user.


Atlantic Hot Tubs are proud to introduce the NEW Steel Frame Construction to all of our models. 40% lighter, yet 250% stronger than the traditional wooden frames.

We are using an ABS base with reflective silver foil to add better insulation, saving you money on energy costs.

Balboa Controls

Balboa Instruments are the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic control systems for the spa and hot tub industry and the recognised leaders for innovation, ease of use and reliability.

Evert Platinum Spa model is equipped with Balboa’s latest generation of solid state panels and controllers which have no moving parts, to ensure our spas are super reliable, dependable and easy to operate.

LX Pumps

Here at Atlantic Hot Tubs we take pride in all our components used, this is why we use LX pumps on all of our spas.

LX is equipped with the industry’s most advanced quality testing inspection equipment. Product is processing 4 times security parameter testing from motor production to package of finished goods. The key components take life testing (capacitor, switch, thermal protector..) to guarantee product quality and reliability.

Aristech Acrylic

On all of our Hot Tubs we use Aristech Acrylic. The Aristech Acrylic brand has been supplying many acrylic sheets to the world’s leading brands for the manufacturing of spas, swim spas and hot tubs, bathtubs, custom thermoformed parts, or for the fabrication of commercial signage and more.

From its beginnings the Aristech Acrylics brand has blended innovation, manufacturing expertise and industry-leading customer service, to become the preferred brand of acrylic sheet for OEMs, fabricators and designers worldwide.


Ever Platinum spa comes with Ozone as standard, the reason for generating ozone in your spa or hot tub is that ozone is a powerful oxidant and as such it helps destroy bacteria, viruses and algae that may be present in the water of your spa.

An ozone generator reduces the need for chemicals in your spa although it doesn’t replace them entirely.

An ozone generator purifies naturally, producing ozone from the atmosphere just using electricity to generate the UV light.

Ozone in your hot tub can reduce maintenance time and cost, prolong equipment life and can reduce smells from chloramines. Some people believe that ozonised water also feels softer to their skin.

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