Executive Design Line - Atlantic Hot Tubs

Design Line

The minimalist design of the Just Silence and Just Silence Compacthot tubs is inspired by contemporary architecture trends and integrate harmoniously in modern living environments. Thanks to the reduced form and straight lines, they become a fuss-free design highlight on the terrace. The Just Silencewhirlpool has been awarded the iF Design Award 2015 and the Red Dot Design Award 2016.

Novel reclining concept

Thanks to its unique pared-down design and straight lines, the outdoor whirlpool offers a novel seating and reclining concept, providing more space for greater comfort while enabling relaxed face-to-face conversations with friends. Just Silence allows up to five people and Just Silence Compact up to three people to sit opposite each other without sacrificing legroom.


The two Design Line models with 3 JetPaksTM boast striking and high-quality features: a user-friendly illuminated touchscreen panel, an integrated stereo system with Bluetooth connection for perfect musical pleasure as well as an all-round light strip and illuminated waterfall for atmospheric lighting.

Innovations Design Line

Innovative through and through

Engineering, technology, design and workmanship – this is what really makes a high-quality product. Villeroy & Boch has developed a variety of sophisticated features for its “new class of hot tubs”.

Maintenance-free structure

Villeroy & Boch hot tubs consist of a durable, robust, fully enclosed and wood-free support structure which prevents moisture and vermin from getting in: Endura FrameTM. In combination with this structure, the robust plastic supports and high-quality UV-resistant panelling ensure above-average strength and a long service life.

Unique JetPak technology

Choose between a variety of JetPaks and quickly position these at your chosen seats. Thanks to this patented JetPak technology, you can upgrade the hot tub at any time to include the JetPaks with the latest jet technology.

Less plumbing, more power

Although the market is still holding on to outdated solutions, we are creating a new transparency: In Villeroy & Boch products, new, intelligent connections replace the seemingly endless pipes in standard hot tubs. Thanks to JetPak technology, these hot tubs have up to 90% fewer pipes.

For whirlpool pleasure in a small space

Drawing on the success of Just Silence, the new Just Silence Compact model blends seamlessly in modern living environments and is also perfect for smaller spaces and patios. Sharing the same technical features and award-winning design as Just Silence, Just Silence Compact has been developed in response to demand for a smaller spa-tubs with fewer seats. By expanding its range with modern architectural design, Villeroy & Boch will be offering solutions in future for both more spacious as well as smaller areas with plenty of seats for singles, couples or small families.

Just Silence Compact

Equipped with three seats, it offers the same comfort functions as the original Just Silence model. The patented JetPak™ II technology boasts replaceable back sections with individual massage functions for a personalised experience. Despite the purist pared-down design, this model also comes with a high level of innovation, technical perfection and functional comfort.

Just Silence

Basic Info

Seats 5 or
Recliners 5
JetPaks 3
Size in cm (LxWxH) 224 x 213 x 86
Colours Inside shell Snow / Outer panelling Light Grey / Cover Sterling

Just Silence Compact

Basic Info

Seats 3 or
Recliners 3
JetPaks 3
Size in cm (LxWxH) 208 x 169 x 78
Colours Inside shell Snow / Outer panelling Light Grey / Cover Sterling