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No More Stress

An Atlantic Hot Tub can be a good place in which to relax with family and friends. You can spend time together sipping a drink or simply having a chat. The jets on our Atlantic Hot Tubs are particularly soothing and will help you relax not only mentally but also physically. You can use your time in an Atlantic Hot Tub to get reflexology massage by placing your feet directly in front of the water jets. Your feet contain thousands of nerve endings, and their stimulation can improve your overall well-being and mood.

Improve Circulation

The hot water and massage of an Atlantic Hot Tub will cause body temperature to rise which in turn will dilate blood vessels. This improves circulation, especially to the extremities, and can help people with arthritis have better movement and less pain int their joints. A soak in one of our hot tubs can leave you feeling invigorated and improve the health of your lungs and heart.

Energy Saving

All Atlantic Hot Tubs come with a sealed base as standard, which is an integral part of the hot tubs support structure, this also acts as insulation by keeping the heat in our hot tubs. Insulation is vital to both the running of your spa and the cost of running a spa. We use a foam insulation which aids keeping water temperature and also preserve the energy used to heat the water making the running costs lower.

Health Benefits

An Atlantic Hot Tub is more than a luxurious accessory for you home. Sitting in a hot tub for a period of time has a number of benefits, both physical and mental.

Hot tubs can be used to help people with osteoporosis, as the buoyancy obtained in a hot tub, along with light exercise performed underwater, can increase mobility and strength.

Reduces Stress: Sound and motion of swirling water assists relaxation and reduces anxiety

Enhances Sleep: Increased body temperature helps you fall asleep faster.

Relieves Headaches: Vascular dilation combined with warming effects can relieve the pain associated with tension headaches

Physical Benefits: Steam can help open breathing passages in sinuses and lungs to aid respiratory health. Hot tubs and spas can aid in cardiovascular health by increasing heart rate but lowering blood pressure. Water bouyancy can relief arteritis, aches and stiffness. Water bouyancy relaxes muscles, while water temperature decreases tension and improves flexibility

What our customers say about us

I received delivery of my Kenya Hot Tub yesterday. Installation was super easy. Atlantic Hot Tubs couldn’t have been more helpful, I’d definitely recommend them to anyone considering buying a hot tub in Ireland.

Alex Dwyer

Atlantic Hot Tubs made the purchase of my new hot tub so easy. The representative I dealt with was very knowledgable and was able to talk me through the different options so I knew I was getting the perfect tub for my needs.

Paul Holohan